Zeroground Gaming Ποντίκι MS-3500G Saigo v2.0 RGB


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  • Product Description

    Overview:The mouse is programmable, has a multifuntcion button which is programmed , has sensor high-definition pixart3212, the switch which has are huano and they have a lifespan of up to 5 million taps, The mouse can adjust for left-handed, pressing the middle button and right-clicking changes the left button settings to the right and the buttons to the front, back to the pages that are on the left, change with what is On the right button, the onboard memory has 16KB and keeps the last adjustments we have set. Ergonomic design with matte UV Painted surface that can keep your grip firm during gameplay. 6 DPI shift options: 500-7200 dpi


    Weight (g):134gr
    Cable Length (Wired):1,7M
    Number of keys:10
    Keys programmed:10
    Sensor: pixart3212 (optical)
    Maximum Resolution (DPI):7200
    Acceleration:up to 10g
    Response time:1,7ms
    Frame Rate:4000fps
    Processor: ΒΕΙΥΙNG
    Polling Rate:Up to 1000hz
    Maximum speed (IPS):up to 30ips
    On board memory:16kb
    Switch:Huano 5 million times
    Light: RGB – 11 lighting modes
    Two additional side buttons on each side that can be used by right or left handed.

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