MEDIATECH Kids Locator GPS BLUE MT851B (Ρολόι Συσκευή Παρακολούθησης GPS)


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  • Product Description

    Εντοπισμός με GPS Wi Fi & GSM
    Δείχνει την διαδρομή που διανύθηκε από το παιδί
    Δυνατότητα τηλεφωνικής κλήσης
    Αποθήκευση έως 10 αριθμών
    Λειτουργία SOS
    Ειδοποίησι αφαίρεσης ρολογιού από τον καρπό
    Διάρκεια μπαταρίας έως 3 ημέρες
    Technical specification
    • Tracking watch, with alarm phone for safety
    of kids in age 3-10
    • GPS, AP WIFI, BTS (mobile base stations)
    location checking
    • Tracing kid location online using smartphone map
    • Patch display
    • Geofence
    • Remote enabled wiretapping
    • Up to 10 numbers phone book built-in
    • Both ways voice real-time communication
    • Voice chat
    • Pedometer, alarm clock, sleep monitor
    • SOS function (emergency voice connection
    with consecutive phone numbers + SMS notification)
    • Wrist remove alert
    • Low battery alert
    • Up to 3 days standby
    • Screwless & toolless SIM card installation

    • 2G band: 850/900/1800/1900
    • SIM: microSIM with PIN code removed
    • Display: mono LCD 0,98″
    • Audio: speaker and microphone
    • Sensors: gravity, proximity
    • Battery: Lithium polymer battery 400mAh 3,7V
    • Interface: Micro USB 2.0
    • Charging: 5V 0,5A
    • Compatible systems: Android 4.2, iOS 6.x and never
    • Weight: 39g
    • Wrist diameter: 35~55mm

    Note: Active SIM card, with removed PIN, charged
    account and data transmission is necessary. Approx.
    data usage – 30MB/month dependent of using intensity.

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